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Expertise and Services


Singapore Bureau of Shipping provides a full suite of reliable and value-added services to help ship owners, ship managers and other notable industry players to safely and effectively navigate their business dealings to achieve their goals. Our expertise and services are as follows:


  1. Classification

  2. Statutory Certification

  3. Oil and Gas Services

  4. Ship / Port Safety and Security Services

  5. Consultancy Services

  6. Maritime Training Services



Singapore Bureau of Shipping Classification is an integral contributor in the development contemporary maritime industry through the safe-guarding of life, property and the environment, while ensuring the highest rate of vessel returns. Singapore Bureau of Shipping classifications are based on;

1. Setting standards (Classification Rules)

2. Verification of compliance with standards (approval of specifications and drawings, surveys and testing)

3. Documenting compliance with standards (survey reports, Classification certificates)


Our classification services are dutifully executed through our comprehensive network of offices worldwide, and representatives by experience and/or systematically trained and competent surveyors, approval engineers and professionals, extensively supported by state-of-the-art technology. Singapore Bureau of Shipping are distinguished for our in-depth technical know-how, innovative and proactive solution; combined with a robust service attitude, we strive to ensure safe and cost-effective shipping operation.


Statutory Certification


Statutory certification from initial, annual, intermediate and renewal appraisal during the operational life time of the vessel. Singapore Bureau of Shipping assures adept and efficient execution of the certification through dedicated coordination with owners/managers to harmonize vessels’ operational schedules through a global network of experienced and qualified surveyors.


For more information on our services, contact us at


Oil and Gas Services


Singapore Bureau of Shipping has a group of highly experienced and dedicated professionals with distinct expertise knowledge in a multitude of disciplines in the Oil and Gas Industry.


Collectively, we offer not only thorough range and depth of technical skills and expertise but also the execution of best technical and industry practices solutions in every project or assignment we undertake. The scope of our technical service includes safety, integrity, reliability and performance management.


Ship/Port Safety and Security Services


With our multi-disciplined professionals equipped with the highest level of relevant marine expertise and knowledge of risk management and safety practices and procedures at helm, Singapore Bureau of Shipping provides bespoke Risk, Safety and Security field of services across the land and maritime industries.


Our classification, marine casualty investigation and consultancy capabilities enhances a fresh perspective on the risks and consequences of potential and actual failures in engineering, procedures and management systems. Singapore Bureau of Shipping’s vast experience in Risk, Safety and Security Management allows for customization and identification of individual clients’ requirements and solutions to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and, above all,  peace of mind.


Consultancy Services


In addition to our core business in Classification and Certification of ships since the inception of Class, Singapore Bureau of Shipping also offers a diverse selection of various marine and engineering consultancy services including:


• Due diligence vessel Safety Audits, Pre-vetting, Suitability and Operational Condition inspection

• Marine Damage Surveys, Loss Investigation, Incident Investigation and Expert Opinion

• Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation Survey

• Bollard Pull Test Witnessing

• Equipment Appraisal

• Draft Surveys

• Sea Trials and Dynamic Positioning Trials

• Pre-shipment and Marine Warranty Surveys

• On/Off Hire Consumables and Condition Surveys

• Project Management

• Bunker Transfer Monitoring and Disputes


Maritime Training Services


Adaptive, innovative, flexibility and the thirst for knowledge — three important qualities companies need to have to be successful in today’s volatile maritime and oil and gas industries.


Recruiting competent and adequately trained seafarers have now become crucial in shipping operations. With the enforcement of new requirements and other systems, seafarer training and re-training play an elemental and indispensable role in providing your workforce the necessary skills and knowledge they need to stay in the forefront of the industry and to enhance the performance in ensuring smooth vessel operations, safety at sea and protecting the marine environment.


Our training courses can help your company meets your needs; we specialize in tailoring courses to meet your specific requirement and demands. Our strength lies in conducting in-house courses so that all staff, from management to the ground, can enjoy the benefits.

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